Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here is A little about me as a person

Okay so here is what I am going to say.

I am so much more then just a porn actress. I love talking about politics, I love to travel and learn about all the different countries that I visit. I also simply love learning new thing pretty much about everything.

I am originally from Maryland but I would never claim it. I claim New York as my home. I am a 27 years old. I am a Leo and I have all of the Leo characteristics. I simply love being the center of attention and if I am with someone who pays more attention to their work I get extremely pissed off. 

I have 2 cats a full breed persian who recently passed away who I loved very much and I have a tortie shell who is simply beautiful. I am married to a male porn star who recently got inducted into the AVN hall of fame. 

I just moved to Hollywood after being out of the states for 7 months. While I was in Europe I traveled to Berlin, Hanover, Koln, Roermond, Amsterdam, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, London, Brighton & Dubai. My top five cities that I would love to live in include 1. Amsterdam, 2. Dubai, 3. Berlin, 4. New York & 5. Paris.

I would like to travel to Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, Sicily, Nice, Prague, IstanbulCairoMorocco, St. Petersburg, China, Singapore, Bangkok & Tokyo. I will go to those places one day.

I also enjoy the finer things in life like great wines, nice cigars, nice cars & to much more to talk about.

Here is just a little bit about me that I thought that you all should know.

Anita Blue


  1. it's always nice to know the lady behind the legend. And hope to read more of your musings. Keep up the good work and keep it sexy :)

  2. I really enjoy getting this kind of information about you. I'd love to hear what your thoughts are about politics - both domestic and international. Hope you enjoy your time in California - is this a short term or long term stay?

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