Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anita Blue In Europe....

Hey There,

   I know I know Its been ages.

I just got to Europe like a month ago and I am hanging out in Germany for 5 months plus traveling around Europe. It is so cold here. I believe it is colder here than it is in NYC. So, anyways I just got internet like 2 weeks ago.

I got to check out Berlin and I also got to check out the fetish scene in Berlin and it was pretty cool. I don't know if it is better then the fetish in NYC but with the guy getting caught with the hooker the fetish scene has changed a lot in NYC. I was talking to some friends that still Dom in NY from time to time and they said that you can't even have lotion in the dungeons there anymore and they also got a lot of fetishists on there side so you can't even have the guy put his own finger in his but anymore to see if he's a cop, Sorry went off on a tear there.

Back to Europe. WhenI was in Berlin I became quite fasanated with the Berlin wall, can you imagen not seeing your family for 20 some years it is just nuts. I'm trying to figure out who built the wall was it the Germans or was it the Russians.

Back to the fetish club, It was called Insomnia and when we walked in it didn't seem like much but when you walked up the stairs there was a dance floor with a couple of beds and a swing with a bar then they had showers and a jucuzzi and then they had a spanking cross and a spanking bench. The you go up stairs and there was nothing but beds. They didn't have to many shows or should I say to many sites to see. I saw one spanking show and then they were fucking. So I got a little bored and decided to get spanked with leather glove on the spanking horse. Now that was fun.

Moving on to today now. LOL....

I just shot my first scene was for Harry S Morgan with Vivian Schmitt and Chris Charming. I did a G/G and then I did an anal scene. 

The girl girl was fun. Vivian is so sexy. I made her cum good whilst I was licking her. I wanna fuck her again. The anal scene was with Chris Charming and you know how big he is. It hurt at first but then it felt so good after the first 5 seconds. 

Moving on....
I'll be in London on March 6th through March 20th, if you wanna get in touch please contact photogirlsdotnet.

I'll keep you guys up to date on everything....

Until Then,
Licks and slurps on your.......
Anita Blue

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  1. Welcome back in EUROPE sweety

    greets from Belgium