Monday, September 5, 2011

9-5-11 My First days at a Strip Club

So today on my blog I'm going to tell you how I got into the world of the adult entertainment industry.

I moved down to FL with a family member when I was barely 18 and I started to work at a grocery store as a cashier in Ocala FL not to far from where I lived at the time. One day a guy came through my line and he wanted to buy a lot of alcohol and cigarettes. I said to him how are you doing today. He said he was doing great. While I was ringing him up I asked him if he owned a bar. He said yes something like that. I asked him what he meant by that and he told me that he owed a strip club and that he thought that I was cute and if I came in and I don't have any stretch marks he would hire me right away. I thought about his offer for a week or so and I was talking to my cousin about it and she told me a little bit and I asked her how she knew so much about a strip club & if she ever worked at one. She told me no but thats what she heard. I didn't believe her. Then one day she dropped me off and I went in for a couple of minutes and I came out with a job. So the next night I went in and started my work. They asked me what my stage name would be and I looked at the DJ like he was crazy so he gave me a stage name. He said we will call you Carly because you look like Carly Simon. I didn't know who Carly Simon was so I said alright. Then the DJ asked me what kind of music that I listen to. At that time I listened to hip hop and I said I'll dance to hip hop. He said that the club doesn't like it if you danced to hip hop because the owners were bikers and the clientele was mainly bikers. So he told me that I could only dance to R&B or Rock or Country. I chose R&B. I got on stage for the first time and I wasn't nervous but I didn't know how to dance or should I say strip.

So I met this girl named Tommy. She was so pretty with or without her glasses. Her hair was blonde and  had a layered medium length. She was tight, toned and flexible. She danced to rock and took me on stage with her when a couple of people were there and taught me how to strip slow and sexually. She taught me how to walk on what she called and what I still call the stage today my personal little runway. Then after we got off stage she took me around with her talking to the few clients that were in there. She taught me how to talk to them, how to look at them and how to touch them and asked them for a private dance.

The first time that I danced to rock it was Stevie Nick's The Edge of Seventeen. It was great I loved moving slow and sexy to that song just like Tommy taught me to do so.  I never felt sexier in my life then dancing on stage my own personal cat walk.  After I got off of stage I went down and talked and mingled with the clients and got dances.

My first lap dance that I ever did was horrible in my opinion but the guy that I was with didn't seem to mind. Tommy saw that and laughed at me. After I was done with the dance she waled over to me and said do I have to teach you everything??? I pouted at her and smerked and said maybe. All Tommy did was laugh then she told me to sit down and she was going to teach me how to give a lap dance. The rules at the time was you were suppose to be 3 feet away from them. God every time I say that I feel like I started to strip 100 years ago. Anyways back to the lap dance Tommy was teaching me. The whole time she was looking into my eyes and grabbing my knees and moving so sexy on the floor while study looking into my eyes. It was so fucking sexy. Lets just say after she taught me how to do lap dances I wasn't being laughed at anymore.

I got to meet some cool people and work with some great girls. I met the owner of NYC's biggest escort company before they got arrested a few years later but that is another story waiting to be told.

Until Then,
Anita Blue

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