Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Thoughts for Today 2-27-2011

Okay so here is what has been on my mind today.

I worked out to day and had a dumb meat head steal my mirrow because he was jeleous because I look better then he does when I work out. LOL.

After the gym I decided to drive to Holland with Chris. We met up with a friend of his and had some coffee and talked for a couple of hours before we headed out to a coffee shop.

We got to the coffee shop and there was like 5 different kinds of weed to choose from. So I had a hard time deciding.  So after about 5 minutes of thinking which one to get I finally picked one and I started to smoke. It was fun.

There was a vending machein where you can smoke at in the coffee shop and I think that would be an awesome place to put a vending machien. I bet that makes a lot of money because they charged 2 Euro for a 20oz Diet Coke.

I also just love Holland and how open it is compared to the US. I think it is awesome. I believe that Europe in general is more open then the US because here on the beaches you can sun tan topless without people staring at you or getting into trouble with the police. You can drink here in Germany when you are 17 years old and you can buy cigerettes here when you are only 16 and there is so much more stuff that you can do here without getting into trouble.

Well Thats all for now.
Until then Slurps and Licks all over your......

Anita Blue

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  1. Glad to hear You like EUROPE !!!!
    And we love our sweet Anita